Rayman Raving Rabbids is a party game from the Rayman saga. It's also notable for being completely different from the traditional Rayman platformer series, although the original idea was to be a platformer with Rabbids.[1]

This is the first video game in the Rabbids spin-off series. It was released for the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 2 and PC in 2006, followed by a port for the Microsoft Xbox 360 in 2007. It is followed by Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 in 2007, Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party in 2008, Rabbids Go Home in 2009 and Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time in 2010.


Although the Language should be EN-US, but the language uses EN-GB.

In case, if the Languages are EN-US, so it will be good. on PSXDatacenter, the Language were used british English.

What was problem the American English Language?Edit

EN-US Flag

Because it was accidentally used NTSC for PlayStation 2, as because using British English, they never know why. The Information about this game PSX Datacenter seen here: SLUS-21576

EN-GB Flag

As this language were used, they say it's british, so we never know why if is british english for some reason. like Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider. But in PAL Version, so it's fine.

In the Barcode back cover is: 008888323198. Which it is never really know that released in Europe.

Game DescriptionEdit

Ubisoft's limbless mascot returns for his most unusual adventure yet, one that involves saving the world from a wacky warren of demonic bunnies. Players will control a revamped Rayman who wears outlandish outfits from different eras, including a purple afro and '70s-style threads, to further enhance his powers.

In the 4th Rayman game of the main series, Rabbids invade the earth and lock up Rayman in a prison inside a coliseum. He is forced to take part in more than 75 mini-games, called trials. Rayman will get to throw cows, milk cows, make Rabbids dance - even race warthogs and eagles... all for the amusement of the Rabbids. After winning games, Rayman will earn plungers which can be used to construct a ladder to escape from the jail cell. After completing three trials in the coliseum, a boss game must be completed; such as an on-rails first person shooter, or a racing game.

During the Story Mode, the player unlocks special mini-games which can then be played in Score Mode to unlock new content (such as music, wardrobes and challenges) and improve scores. Getting a high score in Score Mode also generates a password to allow players to submit their high score to an online rankings system via Ubisoft's home page. The game can be played in single player mode and multiplayer modes (up to four people in competitative or co-operative gameplay).

The character is joined by a number of creature comrades, many of which can be ridden to help traverse treacherous areas or to combat the rabbit regime. Player can hitch rides atop spiders, sharks, and other animals while exploring an assortment of colorful, free-roaming environments. Rayman's creator, Michel Ancel, reprises his role as lead designer for this offbeat installment in the successful platform game series.


  • Battle an assortment of crazed rabbits using the motion-sensitive Wii Remote.
  • Ride atop creatures such as spiders or sharks to help defeat enemies.
  • Change into hip costumes from different eras for new special attacks.


Rayman and a few baby Globoxes are having a picnic in a forest when three Rabbids erupt from the ground, capturing the baby Globoxes. Rayman tries to offer them food, but then Serguei comes and grabs Rayman. The Rabbids take Rayman and the baby Globoxes to their Colosseum and keep them in jail cells.

In order to escape, Rayman must collect plungers to build a ladder up to the window so he can jump out. He does this by taking part in trials to entertain the Rabbids. After completing at least 3 of the four daily trials, the final challenge will unlock. Finishing that will reward Rayman with a plunger after which he is taken back to his jail cell to get some rest for the next day's lot of trials. As the days pass, Rayman's cell is decorated to look nicer. In the cell he is able to play music, change costumes and replay previous challenges. If all four challenges are finished in one day he is rewarded with more costumes and songs. After every day, he goes to the ladder of plungers, looking at the window hoping to escape, but a bird always comes and poops on him. After fifteen days, Rayman finally collects enough plungers and escapes, getting his revenge on the annoying bird on the way. Back at the forest, Rayman sees sheep eating the remains of the picnic and remembers he forgot the baby Globoxes. He tries to go back through a hole in which they were captured through but ends up stuck.


Rayman and the Rabbids are the main characters in the game. Also included are the baby Globoxes, the only returning characters besides Rayman, the Rabbids henchmen, strange creatures that look like a cross between rhinos and elephants and some animals, who only serve as fillers.

The good guysEdit

The RabbidsEdit

  • Clark - Clark is a regular Rabbid that's dressed up to make himself look like Superman. Like Professor Barranco, he appears in several of the minigames Rayman participates in.


Each day Rayman has to move around the stadium and complete at least three out of the four minigames for that day, which always contains a dancing type game. Each day there are new minigames to play. Once three of the four games are completed, Rayman can go and complete the last challenge. The challenge is either a plunger shooting game or a warthog racing game. Once the challenge is completed, Rayman earns a plunger and goes back to his cell. He uses the plunger to build a ladder and escape out the window of his cell.


In total, there are 75 minigames, including second and third parts. A total of five of these are to be played each day Rayman is prisoner at the Colosseum, though at least three out of four must be passed before moving onto the boss challenge which is usually a warthog race or a bunny hunt. In score mode, each minigame is worth up to 1,000 points, and score mode total is 183000 points. These points can be used to unlock secret goodies in the bonus menu.

In the 75 minigames of the game, the player can reach 75000 points. The player can also unlock challenges, which consists of triathlons, pentathlons and decathlons. triathlons contain 3 minigames, worth 3000 points, pentathlons contain 5 minigames worth 5000 points and decathlons contain 10 minigames worth 10000 points. In order to gain max score, the player must perfectly complete every minigame in the series, one after another, however there is no chance of replaying an already completed minigame. The other 108000 points are obtained here in the challenges and though co-op and versus multiplayer bunny hunts. There are several challenges where it isn't possible to collect maximum score while another player is in game.

Bunny huntsEdit

The bunny hunts are first person shooter style game in which Rayman, armed with a plunger gun, has to shoot any Rabbids that he sees and free the baby Globox they have trapped, without losing all of his health, which can be depleted if either a Rabbid gets too close to him, he gets shot with a plunger, or is attacked by rockets or carrot juice coming from the robots. The plunger gun can carry up to five plungers, and if they are all used, he will have to reload. Rayman is also armed with a grapple chain, which he can use to either ward off plunger attacks or grab a Rabbid that is close and toss it at other Rabbids, earning a multiple score.

Rayman can get extra points by doing specific shots:

  • Good shot - shooting the third Rabbid without reloading - 300 points.
  • Great shot - shooting the fourth Rabbid without reloading - 400 points.
  • Perfect shot - shooting the fifth Rabbid without reloading - 500 points.
  • Bullseye - shooting a Rabbid which is far away.

Several other objects can be shot with plungers, such as radios and bells, which often distract the Rabbids into dancing, and are present in each level once. There are also several boxes which Rayman can break in order to gain power ups or power downs. These are:

  • Extra lives - as the name says, it gives Rayman 3 extra lives.
  • Rapid shot - it gives Rayman the ability to shoot 3 plungers rapidly after each other for a short time. It also automatically reloads when the 3 plungers have been shot, except if the player instantly shoots another plunger.
  • 5X shot - it gives Rayman the ability to shoot all plungers at once for a short time. Needs instant reload after the plungers have been shot.
  • 1000 Points - gives the player 1000 points.
  • Broken Plungers - This power down breaks all plungers for a short time.

The following is a list of the bunny hunts.


Many of the other minigames are classed as sports, and these fall under the following categories.


These minigames depend on being careful yet accurate at the same time.


These minigames take a lot of physical energy to play.


The player has to be quick yet also skillful in these minigames.

Get Going!Edit

With the exception of Bunnies Only Fly Downwards, these minigames are races in which Rayman and some other Rabbids and trolls ride on warthogs. The aim is to complete three laps as quickly as possible.

Shake Your Booty!Edit

Unused minigamesEdit

There is Inaccessible Minigame, which in case maybe it's World Electism Championship. As the final challenge in the game requires having 1000 points on every minigame in the game (which is extremely difficult as some of them are randomized). However, there's one minigame (on Wii at least, unconfirmed on other platforms) which have too much requirement for 1000 points, making it impossible to unlock the Final Challenge.

Internet connectionEdit

At the end of each minigame in score mode, there is an internet code for the player to submit their game score on the now defunct RaymanZone website. Each code was unique to tell which score is the player's on the website listed above. Each minigame page listed the top 3 players in each minigame. Since the release of Rayman Legends, RaymanZone redirects to the official Ubisoft website.


Main article: Rayman Raving Rabbids (cancelled prototype)

Before Murfy mentioned about Rayman 4, they say "See you rayman 4!", Nobody cares about Rayman 4 because it's finally cancelled. In case, this is from Rayman 3 as the level Fairy Council. While after the cancellation of the original Rayman 4, Ubisoft began work on Rayman Raving Rabbids. It was intended to be a free-roaming 3D platformer, contrary to the final party game release. Rayman would've instead had to defeat an army of sinister, zombie-like Rabbids in melee combat, rather than competing in minigames to escape them.


  • In Tom Clancy's The Division, a board game named 'Rayman Raving Rabbids' is present in a house.


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