Title Screen.

Assuming the Aine Yūki, she has been sickness. Would she will be recovered? We don't know to help about his dreams, so Mio Minato are assist with Globox. As in the Crossroads of Dreams, it was place of heavenly bliss where calm. No matter what in one day ago, the red Lums has been transformed himself into a cantankerous little ball of fluff. His name was André, and yet, into the Globox's Stomach, She asked to him, whenever Globox was needs going doctor. After André turned all red lums, Rayman can do grimmace by converting the Red Lum. No-one could put a stop to them! And besides, Yume, Aoi, Ichigo, and Akari Ozora would be help into Rayman's Dream.
―Manual, Rayman 3 HD: Aikatsu! Edition

Rayman 3 HD: Aikatsu! Edition (レイマン 3 HD: アイカツ!エディション) is a high-definition remake of Rayman 3 and it's Based on Rayman 3 HD. It was started project by PopuriAO29 in March 23, 2018. and it's for GameCube.

Originally, this uses Rayman 3 HD Texture Pack from ICUP321. The project are marked to be Crossover. from Aikatsu, PriPara, Pretty Rhythm, and Love Live. it also included with other animes, due for no reason about Terrain Texture.

About this ProjectEdit

Rayman 3 HD: Aikatsu! Edition has started project during March 23, 2018. Dumping textures aren't completed yet, since it uses ICUP321's Rayman 3 HD Texture Pack. as the posted their topic, this says from ICUP321 on Rayman 3 (Dolphin Emulator) HD Texture Pack at Rayman Pirate-Community:

Alright, it's been a LONG time since I've made an update to this, but I figured I would just let everyone know that I have made a minor update to this because I discovered that one of the textures was corrupted, which was "". This has now been fixed. Other than that, I updated the description of the first post with new information and organized some of the files in the Google Drive.

It has also come to my attention that someone is working on their own custom texture pack of their own using my HD Texture Pack as a base. It is called: Rayman 3 HD: Aikatsu! Edition

It's a crossover texture pack that replaces some of Rayman 3's textures with ones inspired by several anime. Now, I don't know much about anime, but this looks alright.

In terms about Nintendo Gamecube has discontinued during 2007, Dolphin Emulator can Load custom Textures.

GOT4N's VideosEdit

A Youtube channel named PokGOT4N, this because he working 2 videos about modding textures. such as Rayman Japanese Skin.


While Rayman 3 HD: Aikatsu! Edition is still work in progress, Some textures aren't dumped yet. Here are following status about this project while working the custom texture.

  • Percent: 48.25% Complete
  • Items: 736/??? (Needs to be HD Texture)

The Items are indicated if is Unknown. while the texture is dumped, This might be finalized soon. The Dump Textures Folder GRHE41 was probably not completed. since dumping Textures will be included as long as possible.

When Dumping Textures are finalized, you can load the custom texture for Rayman 3 in order to play.

Releasing Date

The Textures will be released in the future, so the texture all completed, it will be fine.


All some Features were from Rayman 3 HD, which indicates from Original Version.


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Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Would you post on Dolphin Texture Projects Forums?Edit

No, they won't allow it. Take a look at what happened to this user when he posted his own version there:

This might be Copyrighted material due for some reason, ICUP321 has been posted on Dolphin Forum. That being said, MaLDo not allowed for mod. in other words, The Original HD Version was dumped from PS3/Xbox 360. So the reason we know why if is copyrighted content.

Although MaLDo download link was not linked due for no reason on Dolphin Forum. in case, the MaLDo's Rayman 3 Texture Pack has reuploaded on Google Drive at Rayman Pirate Community.

For those ICUP321 has tried posting about hd texture pack for rayman 3, here:

I've already tried posting this there, but it wasn't accepted. They will not allow these kinds of Texture Packs there because it contains copyrighted assets from another version of a game. Emulation sites are very sensitive when it comes to distributing copyrighted content, and although this isn't technically piracy, it does contain assets from a version of a game that was not meant to be used on another version.
If you want to see this for yourself here are a few examples of them rejecting these kinds of Texture Packs:

In case, this was copyrighted content. This because used program for decryptor for PS3, having completed dump textures for Rayman 3. as because over 1350+ Textures included.

When you post this texture pack HD?Edit

I am sorry because i won't post about my Texture Pack HD, If this the reason why we not allowed. that would be copyrighted content.

Can you convert PNG to DDS File?Edit

I can't convert to DDS File, due for no reason. i use PNG File because i can use for modifying Textures.

When you finish this project?Edit

Sometimes if the Textures is finalized, This will be posting on Google Drive. The Downloads are below here.

What Programs are using?Edit

The Programs was used by following:

As ICUP321, they use following:

  • PSN PKG Decryptor & Extractor (Since it was copyrighted on Dolphin Forum, it has been removed)
  • Adobe Photoshop