This page contains spoilers for the plot of Doki Doki Literature Club!.
Monika with her hand held out.
Monika's menu screen image.
Voiced by Jillian Ashcraft
Born 22 September 1998-1999[1] (age 18)[2]
Font Journal
Height 5'3" (160cm)[3]
Hair color Old Rose
Eye color Green

Monika is the president of the Literature Club in Act 1 and Act 2 and serves as the game's primary antagonist.

Her name is not a Japanese name; it's an alternate spelling of Monica, an occidental name of Latin origin. While the name fits into Japanese phonology, Dan noted in the DDLC Fanpack that he intended to evoke a subtle feeling in a reader that Monika was out of place from the other characters.

Monica was the name of the mother of St. Augustine, but the origin of the name itself is unclear. Etymological theories proposed include Ancient Greek μόνος (mónos, "alone") and Latin moneō ("I advise") among others.[4].


Monika's uniform differs from those of the other girls in a few ways, reinforcing the theme of her being out of place. Her shoes are tipped in red instead of blue, her stockings are black instead of white and longer than those of the rest of the cast. Monika's sprites in-game are also the only ones to face the screen directly instead of at a three-fourths angle.


Monika is an outwardly sweet character who cares about the well-being of her friends, but as the game progresses begins to favor the main character over the rest. She's a very philosophical individual, writing poems with deep allegorical content and discussing many topics beyond superficiality in Act 3.

Monika's Birthday is on September 22nd


She is the only one of the four heroines not designed to fall into a character archetype commonly found in the visual novel genre, but many have interpreted her to be a yandere character, an archetype of someone who will do anything to be with their love interest, including murder. At the end of Act 2, she pokes fun at this archetype, calling Yuri a yandere instead.

Monika is the only character who knows that she and her peers are fictitious, programmed entities in a game and uses this knowledge to her advantage to get closer to the player. However, Act 4 suggests that this is not specifically a trait of Monika's but a side-effect of being the president of the Literature Club.

In The War of AikatsuEdit

The name Monika still exists, but mispelled as Monica.


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