Here are some Old Versions or Latest Version for Ice Crown, Please make sure if the version that downloaded on epicwar when if is Correct Version.

Reporting Bugs

To Report Bugs, Use the Talk Page or Click Comments button at top (on near Edit Button), and write as something that is your problem on the Computer that you playing Warcraft III The Frozen Throne.

Please See Bugs for Ice Crown that came for reported bugs.

Here are Sample to Report Bugs:

  • Image: Put the Image or link to seen error
  • Your Computer Specs: Enter your computer specs
  • Profile Name: Your Name Here
  • Map Name: Your Selected Map name here
  • Reason: Your Reason
  • Comment: Enter Comment and post it
  • Version for Warcraft 3: If installed patches like 1.24b, 1.26 and 1.27
  • Operating System: Your OS will seen if you running x86 or x64

To Make sure keeping some bugs, Please see History Ice Crown that you downloaded Map for Ice Crown Builds.

How i do find Errors Folder?

Find the Errors Folder that you have Installed Warcraft III, First. You can use the Example like this:

D:\Games\Warcraft III\Errors


C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Errors

And Report Bugs on the bottom Comments if you having Problem.

End of Support Lifecycle for Ice Crown

Ice Crown v5.6 - 6.1 has Included for Extending Support, It will gives 5 Years before Support is ended.

Name Version Status Mainstream Support Extended Support
Version 4.7a Pre-RTM Unsupported 2013-10-20 N/A
Version 5.0 RTM Unsupported 2013-11-01 N/A
Version 5.1 Unsupported 2013-11-01 N/A
Version 5.2 Unsupported 2013-11-01 N/A
Version 5.3 Unsupported 2013-11-01 N/A
Version 5.4 Unsupported 2013-11-01 N/A
Version 5.5 Unsupported 2013-11-01 N/A
Version 5.6 Security Fixes only 2014-01-02 2019-01-20
Version 5.7 Security Fixes only 2014-01-02 2019-02-26
Version 5.8 Security Fixes only 2014-01-02 2019-02-26
Version 5.9 Security Fixes only 2014-02-12 2019-02-26
Version 6.0 Security Fixes & Important fixes 2014-02-18 2019-04-11
Version 6.1 Security Fixes & Very Important fixes 2014-02-18 2019-06-28
Version 6.2 Active Maintenance 2025-11-27 2035-12-31
Version 6.3 Active Maintenance 2025-11-27 2035-12-31
Version 6.4 In Development TBA TBA
Version 6.5 TBA TBA TBA
Version 6.6 TBA TBA TBA
Version 6.7 TBA TBA TBA
Version 6.8 TBA TBA TBA
Version 6.9 TBA TBA TBA