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Please Remember, this Wiki is in Under Construction, it contains Spoilers.

Welcome to the Ice Crown Server Wikia

This is the map for Ice Crown Server, It still under Development, Build 7601 will be released in 2017 or 2018. The Ice Crown is still Under Development, It was Majorly Complete until Final Release, Including Crossovers with Aikatsu!, as well Some more Games and more episodes.

The Percentage was 83.62% Complete for E3 2016-2018, It will be Major Completed until over 89% or 95%, to make Sure to see Features for Ice Crown, Click Here.

Main Menu

Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!

If you having trouble problems on Miraheze Wiki (Aikatsu POS), you can see here some articles have created.

A New Main Page was included. However, this is Experimental New Main Page.

  • Characters - Shows a list character for Aikatsu & Aikatsu Stars.
    • To see Full List of Characters, See here.
  • Photos - A List of Photo Cards for Aikatsu Photo on Stage.
  • Songs - List of Songs for Aikatsu.
  • Appeals - These are Special Appeals for Aikatsu Photo on Stage, Example like Soleil Idol Units.
  • Events - Those Events are included for Photokatsu, At least it was majorly Incomplete.
  • Brands - Lists of Brands.
  • Gameplay - A Useful playable game for Aikatsu Photo on Stage.

Doki Doki Literature Club!

This wiki is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.
It contains many Doki Doki Literature Club! spoilers.

First of all, when the Website is down, Here we have added lot pages if you like.

DDLC is a freeware English visual novel about a high school boy who decides to join the afterschool Literature Club in order to spend time with its four female members: Sayori, his cheerful childhood friend, Natsuki, an assertive and feisty first-year, Yuri, an avid reader who has a hard time making friends, and Monika, the beautiful and popular club president. Will he be able to win their hearts through his poetry in time for the upcoming school festival?

DDLC was released on September 22, 2017 by Team Salvato. It is currently at version 1.1.0 and can be downloaded from Steam or

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  • Warcraft 3 Patch 1.27b has Released on 2016-12, Supporting 128MB Map Size (which it was Removed 8MB Map Size Limit).

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The Ice Crown has Started in May 2013, These are Some Authors will be changed, Every 50k+ Beta Testers has been downloaded on Epicwar Website.

Ice Crown was planned for Final Release in Future, some Features are incomplete for added, It was less than 85% or 90% Complete.

Killing some Enemies for Team 2 & Team 3 included by adds 25 Appeal Points, The Appeal Point is from Aikatsu Series, Therefore Yandere simulator gives too slow development for making builds.

Included Affiliations


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Additionally, Some Screenshots are available, you can see Ice Crown E3 2012-2016, To See That i've Created Main Menu Theme, You can check it this, plus some Authors that created to making Main Menu Themes.

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