The Ice Crown Nightlies is the Nightly Prototype Version, This will allows to giving you with Experimental Features, If you download current Version for Nightly, Please use at your own risk because it will be VERY Unstable.

To check Builds, Please see History Ice Crown if you want to Looking about Builds.

2013 VersionEdit

2014 VersionEdit

A Possible named E3 2014 Prototype Demo, it was Officially Released in May 2014.

2016 VersionEdit

Included with Version 6.4, This is somehow it will be Released until Future, It also includes E3 2016 Prototypes.

Version 6.2Edit

Version 6.4Edit

Edisi ke 1Edit

Allowing the Series 1, it will going ended until 2016-11-30.

Edisi ke 2Edit

Edisi ke 3Edit