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Ice Crown Halloween Edition IV is the E3 2016 Late Beta, It was Released in 2016-10-03, The Version was Premiered 6.3, however it still 6.2.

This also Redirects Build 5496, It will going Build 5500, Sometime Ice Crown Halloween Edition IV was released in Early Halloween of 2016. It was Uploaded this map on Epicwar since 2016-10-29 before Halloween of 2016.

As going Halloween Edition V, it included Because they not in Halloween of 2017, It will goes until Halloween Edition VI in 2017.

To Download this map, Click here.

Changelog for v6.2 Build 5496Edit

This also Same as Build 5496, You will check Changelog that going Build 5500 before Updating New Version 6.3.

Description MapEdit

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The Ice Crown Halloween IV has now announced! Beware this is the Scariest even good, To make sure you want more, Get the Score Appeal Points as many you can! I hope you enjoy played this game,
Thank you for many Beta testers this map at 50,000+.

Thanks! -Ayami "Watch Aikatsu!" Ooruri.

Preview MapEdit

A Funniest for Halloween named Trick or Treat.
Everything you will win by being Instant Victory.
Get more Score Appeal Points as much as you can! Happy Halloween in 2016!