Ice Crown E3 2016 Build 5516 is the E3 2016 Late Beta, it was Released on 2016-10-29.

Nearly, it will going Build 5520, due for no reason it will Removing the Nano Server Edition, because it was useless.

To Download this map, Click here.

Changelog for v6.3 Build 5516Edit

Build for Ice crown is 5516.10087.
Service Pack is SP9 Beta 0.79.

  • Removed Dialog #3 Category it was Placeholder.
  • Renamed "Dialog #4 Language" to "Dialog #3 Language"
  • Fixed Trigger Comment for German, Italian, and French Language.
  • Added Orc2 Play Trigger for Music Version.
  • Added Human2 Play Trigger for Music Version.
  • Increased Druid of the Talon Attack Range 600 to 900.