Ice Crown E3 2014 Build 5001 is the Second Build for Development Reset, It was named Pre-Build 5001 while it's still in Build 5000. It released in 2014-04-24.

This Build was included for Major Features, It only includes for Fixed Bugs and additional More Features, The Loading Screen will be Windows Longhorn Big Box Wallpaper.

To Download this map, Click here.

Changelog for v6.2 Build 5001Edit

- Build of Ice Crown is: 5001.9271
- Service Pack is: SP7 Pre-Release Candidate 5

  • Fixed Medium Bugs, at least Error when Escaped.
  • More Trigger have Added (Quest).
  • Mainstream Support added in About Version (Quest 9th)
  • Reverted Score Kills, Event Ended for 2x Multiplier.
  • Updated Map Preview & Mini Map.
  • All Towns did not Revealed.

Known IssuesEdit

Escaping on BlackEdit

  • If You Right click by Selected Units by moving the Black Terrain, You will giving Fatal Error, A Log has added, But the Issue has Already Fixed, To Check about Problems, Click here.