Ice Crown E3 2014 Build 5000 is the First Build for Development Reset after going Build 4105, However it was scrapped. it was released in 2014-04-21.

The Build 5000 was major Features, It will increases Map Size will be Epic. it also Updated Version it will removes OrcCursor.blp, Not Human, Undead and Night Elf Cursor that only to be removed.

To Download this map, Click here.

This Map was Updated since 2014-04-22, it will removing OrcCursor.blp, There was nothing major Features added, including some Bug fixes.

Pre-Build 5001Edit

Normally, Build 5001 is planned into 2014-04-24, Despite it will able some Bug Fixes.

The Pre-Build 5001 uses Build 5000 Map.

Known IssuesEdit

  • If the Troops are Moving the Black Terrain, This will gives a FATAL ERROR on War3 Error Message, This Bug is now Fixed in Build 5001.
  • Peon does not Increase Health using Tranquility Ability on Gold Mine, it was Maxed Health.