Ice Crown E3 2013 RC4 is the Final Release Candidate, it was released in 2013-05-06, The RC3 was created, and the Windows 8 Pro was Crashed for downloading Dawn of Mana PS2 using Internet Explorer 10, so it will skips to RC4.

To Download this map, Click here.

Build 5920.17520 is the Unofficial Build for Windows Vista, so the restless, the Build official is 5920.16384.

Changelog for v4.7 RC4Edit

  • Non-Stop Fever Activated in 12 hours.
  • Fixed Ultimate Little Bug
  • Peasant uses Gather (Neutral).

Major ChangesEdit

  • Replaced Peasant Ability Harvest (Gold & Lumber) to Gather (Neutral).
  • Introduced Time Window for Fever Mode Activated.
  • Added additional some Heroes, Units/Troops, and Buildings (For Player 1)
  • Tidal Guardian can now Protecting the Player 4 Start Location.
  • Added Invulnerable for Tidal Guardian.