Ice Crown E3 2013 Beta 2 is the Public Beta Release, and it released in May 3, 2013, it was same as Beta 1 Release.

This Map Software was expired in October 30, 2013.

To Download this map, Click here.

Changelog for v2.6 Beta 2Edit

  • Removed Berserker Upgrade for Troll Headhunter.
  • Added Farm (Aura Only) - Introduced at Beta 1.
  • Things Thrall (Edited) changed it.
  • All Units now Removed Gold, Lumber and Foods.

Major ChangesEdit

  • Removed Low & High Upkeep that reducing Gold for 70% & 40%.
  • A Duplicate Great Hall has added (Removed until Beta 3).
  • Added Gold Coins & Bundle of Lumber at near Tree in Player 1's Start Location.