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The History for Ice Crown was Decided Starting in May 2013, These Author will be Changed in the future.

Below is the list History for Ice Crown, you may see Ice Crown Versions to check some earlier versions or latest version.

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Official Map

Some Maps are included for Warcraft 3 Beta, Indicates that some Maps are not included for final, which kindly maps aren't included in War3 Beta.

Expansion Melee Map (Official)

Included from Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Beta, some maps were included while under development.

Unofficial Map for Ice Crown

The Unofficial Map was named Mystic Isles, These Project was Discontinued, and it was Interrupted, It included Prologue 02 which means from Warcraft III Reign of Chaos Retail.

To see the Unofficial Maps, Click Here.

The War of Aikatsu

Main article: The War of Aikatsu

Destiny of Rainbow Live

Main article: Destiny of Rainbow Live

Programs from Unity

At some point, Ice Crown supports Unity, which is why it is included sometime.

Modded Ice Crown

The Modded Ice Crown included that will be able for sometime it will adding Features.

E3 2004

The Earliest Build for Ice Crown, These Prototype Ice Crown was included some Placeholder Beta.

Which means it is the Original Ice Crown, Since this is why its not to become Remastered.

E3 2005

These E3 2005 was included which came including some Fixes Bug, Not much longest Build, since why it will becoming in the Future.


E3 2012

E3 2013

Scrapped Builds

These are Scrapped Builds because it was Skipped Version to 7.3, However it was possible soon until Future.

Missing Builds

Some Builds that are Missing Files or Deleted since on the Past.

E3 2014

Build 40XX

Build 5000 - 5209 v2

The Development has been reset, it will going Build 5000, as version 6.2, it was premiered til 5500.

E3 2015

This Year was inactive on September 2015, Due for no reason it will be On hold until in 2016 to continue development.

E3 2016

The Major Version for E3 2016, Development Status was Active back again since 2015 was on hold.

E3 2017

A Major Version for E3 2017, It will premired until New Year 2017 after on 2016-12-31 is ending at 12AM.

E3 2018

Basically, it will be released until future, some builds are upcoming.

  • Ice Crown E3 201? Build 9364 - TBA.
  • Ice Crown E3 201? Build 9431 - TBA.
  • Ice Crown E3 201? Build 9471 - TBA.
  • Ice Crown E3 201? Build 9477 - TBA.

E3 2019

The Last Year for Ice Crown Development, this will be finalized until Build 9942/10009, and there are no new builds.