Ice Crown is the Blizzard Entertainment Author for Installing Game named Warcraft III. The Date was Possibly since Year 2002 or 2004.

The First Beta has Released in 2013-05-03 by Amitie, as insect, there are 3 Authors has created for Ice Crown Project of Founder (See Below)


Within the Blizzard Entertainment Map for Ice Crown, The Player will Starts for Melee at least by get Defending the Player 1's Start Location.

The Players must have quietly for how much Score Kills after defeating, See the Multiboard and Leaderboard that you accidentally Much Killed.

The Multiboard has Introduced on Build 5049, the String name is "Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future", so in that case, it will changed the Present is "Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!"


These frozen woods are haunted by souls in torment, enslaved by the dark magic of the Undead. End their suffering.
―Map Description

The Story has Started as the Original Map Ice Crown, You must Defeat your Start Location and your Allied until the Time is runs out.

  • Alternatively, You can also enable Relaxed Mode or Extended Time (Fever Mode).

Early Development

Once Ice Crown was started Prototype Demo in 2012, It was Earlier Build Since 2012-08-30, Some of Builds for Alpha was started in September 2012 until December 2012.

The Author was Founded is Laverne2539 or RadiazOmega7959 from Flyff Character Name.


Founder of Amitie

The Founder of Amitie was Started in May 2013, As starting The First Beta Release, As it became for Last Build called 3923, The Author Amitie was Retired and it will changing named Billy Hatcher for Starting Build 3930.

Founder of Billy Hatcher

In December 2013, Ice crown was Announced that Amitie retires Ice Crown until Build 3923, Billy Hatcher was he Stated until Build 5032 to Changing Author for named Ayami Ooruri, The Last Scene, it was started for naming Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future Series.

Founder of Ayami Ooruri

At the May 11, 2014, Ice Crown has Announced that Billy Hatcher was cannot making Ice Crown. A Girl named Ayami Ooruri which she became to writing her Notebook as her catchphrase will be Memo.

Ice Crown was stated until Build 5033, as the Build was will be present until 2017 for Final Release, Some Photos was watching Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future, It was watching from Animax Asia using Indovision TV.

Founder of The Future

In the Last named Author is unknown, Who knows it will be Future? as it will be insect, the Author Name might be from Aikatsu! Series or PriPara Series or What?

It will be available until Future.